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Matt King performs in this Whistler wedding band.

Matt King

Rhythm Guitar & Lead Vocals

Born and raised in Mississauga Ontario, Matt grew up on a steady diet of The Beatles and Paul Simon.  Picking up the guitar at 11, Matt started playing in bands as a front man and guitarist in middle school.  After moving to BC in 2002, Matt found a new home in Whistler, BC working as a snowmobile guide in the mountains and developing a serious obsession for West Coast powder!  Always a constant in his life, music again took center stage in 2009 as Matt founded Big Mountain Rhythm, a local acoustic duo in the vibrant Whistler music scene with percussionist Jeff Van Driel.  The band’s momentum has grown steadily through the years performing regularly in the Whistler/Vancouver area, and is still going strong today.  Now living in Pemberton BC (just north of Whistler), Matt’s passion for the performing arts continues to grow and evolve.  In early 2014, the formation of Blame the Weekend prompted a move back to the electric guitar and a renewed love for that full band sound!

Rachel Thom

Keys & Lead Vocals

Singing since age 2, performing at 5, competing at 8 and writing and producing since age 14, Rachel Thom is a natural performer built for the spotlight.  A multi-instrumentalist and accomplished vocalist, Rachel’s career as a performing artist has seen her share of the stage with the likes of Sarah McLachlan, Barney Bental, Gene Simmons and Ashley MacIsaac to name a few.  Accolades include winning “Singer of the Year” in 2011 at the International Presentation of Performers in Vancouver and LA, as well as taking 1st place in the Whistler Music Search the year previous. Along with live performance, Thom’s writing prowess has been the focus of much acclaim in BC in recent years.  Her debut EP’s “Music Inferno” and “Wear and Tear” have received international radio play, sold over 2000 copies at local shows, and prompted numerous television and radio appearances.  With unprecedented vocal freedom and an undeniable stage presence... Rachel’s artistic talents continue to impress.

Gary Yoshida performs in this Whistler wedding band.

Gary Yoshida

Lead Guitar & Vocals

A true born and bred British Columbia boy, Gary Yoshida began his musical journey playing the accordion at the United Conservatory of Music in Kamloops.  Picking up the guitar at age 13, Gary eventually toured as a professional road musician for over 10 years covering every corner of Western Canada.  Performing 6 nights a week and travelling in a bus on the 7th, Gary has had the pleasure opening for the likes of Colin James, Honeymoon Suite, Glass Tiger, Doug and the Slugs, and Trooper.  After life on the road, Whistler was a great fit for the accomplished player.  Continuing to jam in local bands and projects throughout the 90’s and 2000’s, Gary found home and family in the mountains.  A dynamic lead-guitarist and vocalist, Gary’s involvement in local acts Still Smokin’, Rob Funk and The Rutherford Creek Trio have cemented him as a fixture in the local pro music scene.

Rajan Das performs in this Whistler wedding band.

Rajan Das

Electric & Double Bass

Raj started his musical career playing clarinet in grade school and continued into high bands school picking up various other instruments including saxophone, trombone, oboe and double bass.  Double bass in hand, he put together a jazz combo that won a gold standing at the Surrey Jazz Festival; and later joined the Douglas College Dues Band during his studies there.  Active in the Whistler music scene since 2001, Raj has lent his talents to many local bands/artists including:  Downtown Jay Brown and the White Guy, Rob Funk Band, Kostaman and the Vibrations, Rutherford Creek Trio, Jon Shrier Band, Tell Tales, Some Assembly Required, D’ale and the Coolers, Jeremy Thom, Papa Josh and The Whistler Community Band.  Along the way Raj has opened for Long Beach Shortbus, Fishbone, Xavier Rudd, Michael Franti and Spearhead, as well as winning the LUNA Battle of the Bands in 2008 and 2009 with the Jon Shrier Band and the Tell Tales respectively.  A strong bassist is the backbone to any live act, and Raj's continued dedication to his craft has proven him a staple in the local industry time and again.

Jason Chaulk performs in this Whistler wedding band.

Jason Chaulk

Percussion & Vocals

With a passion for music since a very young age, Jason Chaulk has pursued the arts both on and off stage through a variety of production related endeavors.  A drummer and performer for over 14 years, Jason is closely tied to the music community through both live performance and a career as an audio engineer and recording technician in BC’s Sea to Sky Corridor.  Professionally trained at “The Audio Recording Academy” in Toronto Ontario, Jason earned his certification as an Avid Protools Operator.  Over his 10 years in Whistler, Jay has worked several large scale production projects overseeing sound, lighting, recording, and events management for major Whistler venues.  Most recently, Jay founded Bunker 7 studios in Pemberton BC providing a professional recording environment for a local musicians.  In addition to production work, Jay's skills as a percussionist and vocalist have lit up the stage with local acts D'ale and the Coolers, P-Town Dub Squad, and Dub Empire.